Ecofictology by Lovis Geier. A wonderfully intelligent weekly series on eco-fiction subjects, including reviews, genres, writing, and more.

Geekoscopy by Dr. Yanasivan Kisten. Exploring the nexus between science, story, wonder, and philosophy.

Protectors of the Wood: The Protectors of the Wood Eco-Fiction Adventure Series is an illustrated story of a group of teenagers who save the world from climate change. The themes include the power of relationships, realizing leadership, good versus evil, and the coming of age.

Stories for Earth by Forrest Brown. The Stories for Earth podcast discusses how climate change is depicted in books, movies, music, and more to help us imagine a more sustainable world.

Storytelling Animals. A green new podcast where we use books to help make sense of the ecological crisis – and think about what comes next. For most episodes, host Dayton Martindale will interview authors about their new or recent fiction and nonfiction, and talk about how we might build better relations with each other and our fellow creatures.

Two Lit Mamas Podcast. A kid-lit podcsat for parents, teachers, and writers, focusing on eco-fiction subjects.

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