Discord: Rewilding Our Stories: This is the only Discord community I know of that invites everyone to participate in discussions about writing and reading environmental fiction of all genres, whether about climate, animals, water, and everything else under the sun. It’s a new Discord, run by Lovis Geier and the founder of, Mary Woodbury. Note that this is a safe place to discuss your writing and reading, which recognizes diversity in various genres that cover fiction and creative nonfiction nature writing.

Ecofiction subreddit: Finally, a new subreddit area to expand almost daily news about the world of ecofiction.

Ecocriticism and Narrative Theory: This Facebook group serves as a platform for those interested in the connections between ecocriticism and narrative theory, and should be a useful place to post questions, share ideas, distribute relevant CFPs, and recommend reading. Please feel free to join, recommend this group to others, and get the conversation started.

Environmental Humanities (Stanford): The Environmental Humanities Project provides a forum for an interdisciplinary approach to environmental issues. It foregrounds recent work of humanities scholars in disciplines such as cultural studies, history, literary studies, philosophy and anthropology that has engaged with environmental problems, and explores how this research contributes to current discussions about ecological crisis.

Good Energy: A new playbook for screenwriting in the age of climate change. I am seriously impressed by this project. It’s got so many useful writing tips and also tries to pair writers with filmmakers.

Global Media and the Environment: This is a open discussion group originally hosted by the Society of Environmental Journalists. It is now an independent public group moderated by volunteers in order to further a global dialogue on media and the environment. Spam and off-topic posts will be deleted.

Science Fiction and Fantasy World: All things science fiction and fantasy. Speculative fiction fathered current eco/climate themes in fiction.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America: This Facebook page informs, supports, promotes, defends and advocates for its member writers. They are always interested in industry news, but only dues-paying SFWA members may post self-promotional material.

Society of Environmental Journalists: A list of the society’s favorite environmental fiction.

Writers for the Sea is a Facebook group of the non-profit Ocean Awareness Project, Inc. (DBA Blue Frontier). Its purpose is to support and promote authors and their books that are written about the greater part of our blue planet that is ocean.

Writers for a Sustainable Future (Ecofiction) on Facebook: Encouraging, collecting, and promoting ecofiction (online global groups) and local communities envisioning change through fiction. Full templates in files.

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