Ashland Creek Press is a small, independent publisher of books with a world view. Their mission is to publish a range of books that foster an appreciation for worlds outside our own, for nature and the animal kingdom, and for the ways in which we all connect.

Bellevue Literary Press: Books at the intersection of art and science.

Calque Press: A small and occasional press. Translation, poetry & nature.

Goose Lane Editions: Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, Goose Lane Editions is a vital part of Canada’s ever-morphing publishing landscape. Whether it’s homegrown Canadian fiction, singular collections of poetry, books on contemporary art, or courageous stances on environmental issues and global politics, we provide book lovers with great reads that inspire, spur conversation, and stimulate minds. We seek to represent a balance of voices and proudly embrace Queer Lit as well as First Nations and Inuit authors and artists who are shaping and transforming our perspectives.

Green Writers Press’s goal is to spread a message of environmental activism through the words and images that they will publish.

Harvard Square Editions: Harvard Square Editions (HSE) is a publishing house run by Harvard alumni that grew out of the Harvard Alumni Association group, Harvard Writers and Publishers. HSE is looking for literary fiction with a social or environmental message. Its mission is to publish fiction that transcends national boundaries, especially manuscripts that are international, political, literary, sci-fi, fantasy, utopia and dystopia. They appreciate aesthetic value and constructive social or political content, especially manuscripts related to climate change, deforestation, and conservation.

Hyperidean Press: Dedicated to publishing experimental literary fiction

Hiraeth Press publishes a wide range of books that deal with our relationship to the Earth and the revitalization of an ecologically viable spirituality fit for the planetary era.

Little Curlew Press is an independent literary press. They publish big lit–fearless works with a strong ecological undercurrent, including place-based eco-fiction, environmental nonfiction, and environmental journalism.

Palewell Press: Based in the UK, Palewell Press aims to support human rights, and to increase understanding of social history and environmental change.

Stelliform Press: A small independent literary press which seeks to publish novellas, novels, short story collections, and works of creative non-fiction which address our world’s most pressing problems: climate change, ecological destruction, and the effect of these issues on how we relate to each other and to the other beings that live with us in the world. We see these problems as systemic and pervasive, exacerbating long-standing social issues, and challenging us to confront the roots of human thought and feeling. Because of this, Stelliform Press stories address environmental issues from many different perspectives and are, foremost, emotional and relational or interconnected narratives which can help us to find the strength and inspiration we need to confront the uncertain future. To do the work we need to do.

Stormbird Press: A new independent Australian publisher of quality literary fiction, commercial fiction, and nonfiction with an environmental theme (eco-literature).

World Weaver Press: While the press publishes science fiction and fantasy, it also has been a pioneer in publishing stories in the new genre of solarpunk.

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