1. To join the Rewilding Our Stories Discord, download Discord (downloading is preferable to opening in the browser) and create an account if you haven’t already.
  2. Click our permanent invite here.
  3. Wa-la! You should now be a part of the Discord.
  4. Discord can be confusing at first, but there are ways to jump in, get started, minimize confusion, and maximize your enjoyment. Note that phone and desktop application appearances are slightly different.
    • Set up your user profile with User Settings. In Settings, you can do a lot: customize your profile (avatar, about me, etc.), turn off all notifications (highly suggested), and so forth.
    • Under Server Settings, you can also edit your server profile, including your nickname. If you are part of many Discord servers, this is especially helpful as you can have different avatars and nicknames on each.
    • You can minimize or maximize categories. Within categories are channels. If your screen is too busy, or you never visit certain categories or channels, you can right-click and mute them.
  5. Get started at Rewilding Our Stories.
    • The default role for newcomers is eco-nerd. You can view and send messages most channels. To start, visit #read-me-first and say introduce yourself.
    • After introducing yourself, you will be manually promoted to the rewilder role and can view all other public channels.
    • Be sure to visit #welcome-and-rules so that you understand Discord’s rules and our posting guidelines. There’s also a Tour Guide that explains the many categories and channels.
    • Visit #roles to set pronouns and interests. The role bot is somewhat broken, but still works enough that it’s useful.
  6. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in #introduce-yourself or #off-topic-chat-and-suggestions.
  7. To read important posts in each channel, check the pins. If on a desktop, you can click the pin icon. If on your phone, swipe right while in a channel to see its pinned announcements.


  1. Hi, I write under my pen name, Iain Aire. You can find me on Facebook under Iain Aire Author. My biography is on my webpage, see website address below. Discovering Rewilding our stories has finally given me my home. I have written short stories for years about the cross over between the contemporary and natural world. I had never heard the term EcoFiction although I prefer EcoFantasy. Thank you. By the way the permanent link doesn’t work.

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